Monday, March 27, 2017

VLC DVD - Enable VLC Player to Play DVD movies

"What is wrong with my VLC Media Player? When I trying to use VLC to play a DVD, an error message pops out: "VLC Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with digital copy protection."

As a VLC user you would assume it plays DVD-Video disc you purchase from Amazon or local store. Don't be surprised if you find it otherwise. You can't use VLC Player to play DVD-Video disc. The reason for this is that there are copy protection present on most commercial DVDs.

So, is there an easy way to import DVD files to VLC Media Player? Absolutely yes! Just rip the disc and then convert the DVD video to the more manageable format (i.e. wmv) that VLC Player will read. Whether you're going to rip discs for VLC Media Player video file or backup on hard drive, our DVD ripping software of choice is Dimo Video Converter Ultimate

Instead of VLC, it can strip commercial DVDs of their CSS encryption, and convert the movie files of DVD to whatever format you need. And the software lets you tweak just about everything after you've got the movie from disc. Plus, it also provides pre-configurated profiles for those who intend to watch the movie on a handheld gadget. Some of you may be using a Mac computer, please visit Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

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How to easily convert DVD to VLC in high quality

1. Insert your DVD disc to the DVD-ROM, then launch the DVD ripping software and click the "Add DVD" button to have the DVD content imported. In addition to DVD, Blu-ray and video files like MP4 MOV, VOB, AVI, WMV, etc.are also supported.

Note: You can freely choose the audio track as you like for output.

2. Click the "Select Format" bar and you can choose "Format -> Video -> MP4/MKV" as the target format. This format can be played well on your iTunes, iPad, Apple TV also. 

Tip:You can also check the "Settings" box , and set video codec, video size, Bitrate, frame rate to get a decent video you want on your VLC player.

3. Hit Start button to start DVD conversion. During the process, you can view detailed progress info, and preview the progress with real time images. OK. Leave the rest to the best DVD to VLC Converter, and everything will be done very quickly.After conversion, you can click the "Open" button to find the converted DVD files. Mow you can add and play the BD contents with VLC player at ease.

Just like the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. Watching DVD movies on VLC and transferring to devices for enjoying anywhere you like is easy as ABC now.

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